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NATURATA Logistik eG
Waltersberg 20
D-97947 Grünsfeld
Telephone +49 (0)9346 92270
Fax +49 (0)9346 928720

Naturata-Logistics eG is part
of Industriepark ob der Tauber:

We obtain all power for our building from environmentally friendly sources such as hydropower and solar from LichtBlick SE and Elektrizitätswerke Schönau:

EWS Schönau

Lichtblick SE

The lorries in our fleet exclusively come under emission standard Euro 6.

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Naturata Logistik eG – more warehousing capacity available for natural food

“Natural food” is synonymous with ecology and high-quality produce. Our work, integrated value system, sound advice and the best in customer service is now bearing fruit at our site in Grünsfeld, in the Tauber Franconia region of Baden-Württemberg. As a modern logistics company, our range includes a customer-oriented overall array within the natural-food sector.

We are proud of our new logistics unit, which is now in operation. Due to high demand, we have constructed space for 3000 more pallets. Our warehouse now has an area of 10,000 m2 in total. We are therefore currently well positioned for the appropriate storage of organic food and are able to meet the high demand from manufacturers in this segment. We’ve found that: In a dynamic growth market, it’s important to continually adapt and further develop one’s offering according to the requirements of the market.

As a dedicated logistics company, we have been specialists in the natural foods sector since 2003 and are steadily expanding. 70 employees, including 10 trainees, have been entrusted with the task of developing and implementing efficient outsourcing provision. This includes individual services, for a guaranteed and smooth flow of goods. Storing the products in a specific, environmentally friendly and temperature-controlled way is of particular significance for us. Having regular quality controls is very important for us, as well as efficient warehouse management, picking for deliveries to the wholesale and retail trade, as well as EU-wide, timely distribution – from piece goods through to large maritime containers. Our quality campaign relates to our supplying 65 countries across all continents. So that the our customers’ goods remain up to date, and so as to ensure a reliable handling and delivery timeframe, our team works in two shifts, from Monday to Friday, from 6am to 8pm.

Through our sensitive and consistent concept, we strictly adhere to the credibility and authenticity of the value system in place in the natural food industry. We act accordingly in terms of storage and transport. In this way, we can meet the expectations of our clients and of the consumer. This also includes our vehicle fleet, consisting exclusively of trucks meeting the most environmentally friendly emissions norm, Euro 6. Our clients include many well-known companies in the natural food sector, such as Holle baby food GmbH, Naturata AG and Petersilchen GmbH.

We also offer inbound deliveries and haulage. This service includes the management of stocks and complete order-processing, from the initial management of the order through to the generation of a delivery note. Accordingly, supply management and the sales process are included in this.

We don’t only look after the broad topic of logistics, however: we can also advise on market development and market launches. This advice includes aspects such as distributor activities in Germany and the EU, as well as the handling of all customs affairs, assumption of right-to-life responsibilities and of competition-law responsibilities, and of responsibility under the Product Liability Act. Mandatory labelling, obtaining import licences, EU organic certification and the German “Bio-Siegel” are a matter of course for us.

A further component of the services provided is packaging. Special labelling, re-packaging and special packaging for marketing and sales promotions round off our service offering.

Our company headquarters in the “Industriepark Ob der Tauber” is a calm place. Our environmentally friendly and energy-saving building, with its extraordinary roof design – which is exemplary in terms of its environmental construction, right down to the smallest detail – is tangible evidence of our philosophy and credibility. In line with our motto of “Transparency – Quality – Trust”, we have implemented state-of-the-art environmental standards such as the use of hydroelectric and solar power. Hall 3 and the new energy-efficient Hall 4, which we have provided with its own solar-energy system, chimes with this joined-up environmental thinking.

In addition, we are organic- and EMAS-certified. The EMAS certificate is testimony to our continuous improvements in environmental performance and energy efficiency. In 2016, we were recognised in a Demeter inspection as having met their criteria for biodynamic production operations.