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NATURATA  was founded in Lauda in 1979 as a cooperative for the trade of organic products from Demeter processors and organic shops all over Germany.
Since then, as one of the principal organic food companies,
NATURATA has contributed decisively to the present significance of the organic sector and repeatedly provided stimuli for shaping of the industry.
The company has grown continuously from its original function as a wholesaler into one of the most exposed premium organic food branded companies for Demeter products, with a comprehensive range of high-quality foods for the modern consumer.

At the start of 2000, NATURATA moved from Lauda to Grünsfeld and acquired a newly constructed building of its own. This was associated with fundamental internal and external change, giving a clear signal.
In 2003, the active commodity business was sold to the present Naturata-AG and NATURATA was renamed
NATURATA Logistik eG.
Since then, it has concentrated on logistics services for the organic food market.